Programming can be thought of as giving your robot a set of instructions. You need to tell your robot exactly what you want it to do - you cannot just say 'turn right'. You need to tell your robot what 'right' is, how long you want it to turn right for and at what speed, etc.

The Sport of SumoBot

The sport of SumoBot has the same rules of sumo, but it is done with robots instead of Sumos. A SumoBot's objective is to push the other SumoBot out of the circular fighting arena. SumoBots must be able to locate another SumoBot within the fighting arena using an array of different types of sensors.


Sensors are used to detect the location of different objects, colours, sounds, etc. Some sensors used in SumoBots include touch sensors, light sensors, and sound sensors. Using sensors, your robot can avoid obstacles. A good one for avoiding obstacles is the touch sensor. If the touch sensor hits something your robot might back away, depending on your programming.